Everything you want to know about diving with Prime Scuba Ishigaki

  • Do you have snorkeling program?

    We are sorry but we do not have snorkeling program. Scuba diving points are generally too deep (5-20m) for enjoying snorkeling. If you would like to snorkel, we recommend to use snorkeling tour operators.

  • Do you have morning or afternoon programs?

    We are sorry but we do not have half day programs. Our services are full day dive cruise, leaving Ishigaki port around 8:30am and coming back around 15:30.

  • What is the number of guests per dive group?

    Number of guest under an instructor differes by program. For our Discover Scuba Diving program, we have maximum of two guests per instructor. For fun diving program, our usual group size is four guests per instructor.

  • Can I hire a private dive instructor.

    Private dive guide will be one of our charter service. Please ask for availability.

  • Can small children join the cruise?

    Minimum age for joining our dive cruise is 8 years. Children of 8-9 can join our Discover Scuba Diving program (PADI Bubble Maker program), and those above 10 can even join our PADI certification courses. Our service is full-day dive cruise and the sea condition could be uncomfortable for small children.

  • Can we request diving points?

    Dive sites each day are decided by our boat captain based on the sea condition, our guests’ skill level as well as their requests. We try our best to bring you to different dive sites for each dives. We will do our best to maximize your experience with us, and happy to take your requests. Our utmost priority is safety, however, and we also have other guests on the boat, so we may not be able to meet your requests.

  • Can we go to Yonaguni underwater ruins?

    Unfortunately not. Yonaguni is approximately 100km west from Ishigaki, or 30min by flight. You need to stay in Yonaguni if you would like to dive there. The best season for Yonaguni would be December thru March. If you need any advise, please contact us.

  • Can we go to Hateruma Island?

    Although not often, we could go to Hateruma island during summer when the sea condition is calm. Hateruma is approximately 1.5hrs southwest of Ishigaki, and there will be extra fuel charge. We usually plan for Hateruma diving 4-5months in advance. Please contact our staff if you have any interest.

  • Do we need to wear wetsuit in summer?

    Although water temperature in summer can go up to 30C, and you can swim without wetsuit, we recommend our guests to wear wetsuit for protection from scratch and other injuries