Plan 3 - Enjoying dive cruise with non-certified partner

Join our programs with your non-certified friend, and enjoy the luxury full day dive cruise of Prime Scuba Ishigaki!

When you are traveling with your family or friends, not all of you may be certified divers. You can still join our dive cruise, and spend a gorgeous full day cruise together. While the certified divers can join our Fun Dives, your non-certified partners can enjoy Discover Scuba Diving, and enjoy diving together. Our instructor will guide your team in the water appropriately for the least skilled member of the team, in order to assure safety.

Please note that PADI course programs cannot dive together with other programs, although you will be on the same boat for all day (except for the first day of Open Water Diver course).

Sample Prices: Fun Dives (3dives/day) for one person with all gears rental, and Discover Scuba Diving for one person with additional third dive.

– Fun Dives (3dives/day) : ¥22000

– All gears rental : ¥6000

– Discover Scuba Diving : ¥26000 (incl. rental gears and two dives)

– Additional one dive : ¥5500

– Total : ¥59500

Plan 1 – Bring your own gears, and explore Ishigaki diving with Prime Scuba Ishigaki!

If you are certified divers and have your own gears, bring them with you, and explore Ishigaki diving on our luxury dive cruise!

Plan 2 – Dive with our high quality rental gears and travel light!

If you want to travel light, you can use our high quality rental gears and enjoy your diving vacation.
Discover Scuba Diving guests who are new to scuba diving can enjoy stress free vacation.

Plan 3 – Joining with your non-certified partner? No problem!

You are traveling with your family or friends and want to dive, but they are not certified divers.. No problem! We group our guests according their skill level and requests, so you can enjoy our dive cruise with your family and friends!.

Plan 4 – Free rental gears for PADI courses

Enjoy fun diving after your PADI course, and our rental gears will be free!