COVID-19 Prevention Measures at Prime Scuba Ishigaki

At Prime Scuba Ishigaki, we are dedicated to creating a safe environment to enjoy scuba diving, and have implemented COVID-19 prevention measures to help ensure the health and well-being of our staff and guests.

There are three aspects to our COVID-19 prevention measures.

Prevention at the staff and facility levels
Declining guests with high risk
Request of cooperation to our participating guests

It is impossible to reduce the risk 100%, as this virus is communicable while there is no symptom. However, we can maximize the effect of prevention in the world of diving, if dive centers and the guests cooperate.

Prevention of COVID-19 at the staff and facility level

At Prime Scuba Ishigaki, we work hard to minimize the risk of COVID-19 at the staff as well as our facility level.

① Managing healthcare of our staff


All the staff as well as their family members are required to minimize COVID-19 exposure by avoiding closed, crowded, and poorly ventilated environments and avoiding contact with COVID-19 patients.


If staff members have contact with COVID-19 patients (or those who are suspected to be infected) and/or display symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to report to management and quarantine for 14 days.

② Cleaning of rental equipment


All rental gear is washed after each use with hypochlorous acid water containing residual chlorine concentration of more than 100ppm. Diving masks are thoroughly washed using antibacterial dish soap.

③ Installation of disinfectant spray bottle on the boat


Spray bottles with hypochlorous acid water are installed on the boat for guests to disinfect their hands.

④ Daily cleaning of the boat


Our boat is washed and disinfected with plenty of hypochlorous acid water every day after use.

⑤ Daily cleaning of the vans


The interior of the vans are wiped every morning using hypochlorous acid water.

⑥ Limited use of our shop’s closed environment


Although we have enough space in our shop, we limit the use of this space for limited purpose such as OWD course lectures. Payment will be handled on the boat.


*At Prime Scuba Ishigaki, we use hypochlorous acid water from sodium dichloroisocyanurate, with a residual chlorine concentration of more than 100ppm. The effectiveness of this solution is confirmed by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation. We chose hypochlorous acid water because it remains highly effective in wet environments unlike alcohol disinfectants, which have reduced effectiveness in such environments.


We keep hypochlorous acid water in a 100L tank on our boat for guest use and for the daily boat cleaning. As the residual chlorine concentration decreases with time quickly, we make new hypochlorous acid water every other day.

Declining guests with high risk

Ishigaki has limited hospital resources, and even a single digit infection could have devastating effect on the local community. With this in mind, guests planning to visit Ishigaki should exercise utmost caution to limit the possible transmission of COVID-19.


Accordingly, we humbly decline reservation from guests who fall into the following category.

① Guests infected by COVID-19

② Guests who have been in close contact with COVID-19 patients, or individuals suspected to be COVID-19 positive

③ Guests who are NOT exercising prevention measures including wearing masks in public spaces, and avoiding closed, crowded, and poorly ventilated environments

④ Guests who have a fever of 37.5C or above, display symptoms of illness, or are otherwise physically ill.


We require guests to book at least two weeks in advance. If, however, you need to book after your arrival in Ishigaki, please read the above requirements carefully, and make sure that you do not fall into any of the categories listed above. We sincerely apologize for convenience, and humbly request your cooperation.

Request of cooperation during our dive cruise

For guest who are participating in our programs, we request the following.

① Wear face masks, and keep maintain social distancing from others


When you participate in our program, please make sure to bring your own face mask. We currently limit our guest capacity on the boat at 12, so that you can maintain appropriate social distancing on the boat. Our boat is an open air environment, and you are not required to wear face masks while keeping appropriate distance between you and other guests. If you are within six feet of others, please make sure to wear your own face mask while you are on the boat.

② Temperature screening


Before you join our program in the morning, our staff will take your temperature. Please note that you are not allowed to join our program if you have fever symptoms of 37.5C or higher, or any other cold symptoms.

③ Frequent hand disinfection


Please disinfect your hands frequently using the disinfectant spray on the boat.

④ Managing of your gear


After each dive, please make sure to place your diving gear on the back of the boat. Please make sure that your goggle and mouthpiece does not touch other guests’ gear.

⑤ Please sit down while using the toilet


In using our toilet, please make sure to sit down. Also, please close the lid before flushing.

⑥ Use of our dry room


We have a dry room area in front of the boat. Please note that only one guest may enter the area each time. We provide a small basket for guests to keep their personal items in while in the wet area.


These prevention measures will be effective only if everyone fully cooperates. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and request your understanding and cooperation, so that we can create an environment where we can safely enjoy SCUBA diving.