Prime Scuba Ishigaki

Priceless moment in your life that stays in your memory – this is what we work for everyday at Prime Scuba Ishigaki.

Located over 2,000km southwest from Tokyo at the edge of Japanese archipelago, Ishigaki has the world class diving points including the famous manta points, and has been ranked as number one diving destination in Japan for nearly 20 years. In this island of paradise, we created a place where you can enjoy unparalleled Japanese quality diving service.

With your family, friends, or even just by yourself, come join our dive cruise, and explore the beauty and excitement that Ishigaki underwater world can offer.

Make a memory of the lifetime with Prime Scuba Ishigaki!

Company Name Prime Scuba Ishigaki Inc.
Address 345-9 Maezato, IshigakiOkinawa 907-0002 Japan
Telephone +81 980 87 5980
Est. date February 28, 2013
Paid-in Capital ¥5million
Number of employee 7
CEO Koichiro Chiwata
Main Bank Bank of the Ryukyus