The water is getting clearer

August 25, 2022


Weather: Sunny sometimes rainy
Ground Temperature: 33℃
Water Temperature: 30℃
Wind Direction: Southwest (6m/s)
Swell: 2.0m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Osaki Purple Queen Reef, Ishigaki Island (20m)
☆ Sakieda Big Arch, Ishigaki Island (25m)
☆ Manta City, Ishigaki Island (25m)



The south wind turned softer, and the condition was better.

The water visibility has been murky these days, but has significantly improved today 🙂

Maybe the rough sea condition of the past days brought some cleaner water.


A Bluestripe pipefish – the combination of vivid blue and orange stands out in the cave.



I would probably believe if you tell me you got this shot in your garden 🙂


A juvenile Regal angelfish.


Gorgeous prawn-goby.

I like this English name better than its Japanese name – Kubiaka Haze (Red neck goby).

It is more colorful than just red.


Yellow tang has a cute mouth.


A Crocodilefish.

Very good at camouflage.


The reef was covered with Sea goldie!


I love the way Upside-down jellyfish swim.


The view from the bottom was great with clearer water 🙂


The corals of the Sakiea area have mostly turned white, due to the high water temperature… 🙁

I hope the water temperature will start to go down soon…


We have two new open water divers!



Manta City today was just an empty “City”…

I hope the mantas will come back in the autumn.




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