Visibility was low, but the level of excitement was high!

May 20, 2022


Weather: Rainy sometimes cloudy
Ground Temperature: 28℃
Water Temperature: 25℃
Wind Direction: South→Southwest (7→10m/s)
Swell: 2.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Osaki Sand Garden, Ishigaki Island (15m)
☆ Sukuji Gurukun Reef, Ishigaki Island (15m)
☆ Kabira Manta City, Ishigaki Island (13m)



It rained again. And it was heavy rain.

It rains a lot this year during the rainy season.


As there was no north swell, we cruised up to Osaki and Kabira area for three dives.

Visibility was not excellent, but it doesn’t bother us when looking for small creatures.


At Osaki Sand Garden, we found small Napoleonfish swimming with a group of Bluefin trevally.

A big bump on its forehead means it is a male.



Anthias – they look beautiful with their fins wide open, but that will be a tough shot…


Axilspot hogfish loves dark places.


A Longfin batfish getting cleaned by Cleanerfish.

“Feels sooo good!!!”


Juvenile Paletale chromis.

The same shape as Chromis anadema, but the color pattern is a bit different.


Elvis the Scorpionfish 🙂


Turkey moray – have you been playing in the sand?


False stonefish – very good camouflage!

I couldn’t have found you if your mouth was closed!


Our afternoon dive today was at the Kabira Manta City.

Although the water was murky and one couldn’t see much far ahead, a manta came out with two big Shark suckers.


It didn’t stay long, but at least we met one!


It came to pass by very close!


Kabira Manta Point is a great place to enjoy beautiful corals these days…


It was the last day of diving vacation for all of our guests today.

Looking forward to having you all again!


We will be closed for boat maintenance from tomorrow, and we will be back on Wednesday.

See you soon!




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Enjoy “prime” quality diving!