Unexpectedly sunny!

May 12, 2022


Weather: Sunny sometimes cloudy
Ground Temperature: 29℃
Water Temperature: 26℃
Wind Direction: South (1→5m/s)
Swell: 1.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Yarabu Corner, Ishigaki Island (20m)
☆ Kabira Manta Point, Ishigaki Island (20m)
☆ Sakieda Big Arch, Ishigaki Island (20m)



It was forecasted to be rainy, but it turned out to be sunny 🙂

Although it rained heavily during the night, the cloud started to clear away and there was a blue sky.

And there was almost no wind in the morning, and the sea was nearly flat.





Well, it looks like we cannot ask for both.


We found a big school of Indian mackerel in the Sakieda Bay.

It is hard to tell they are Indian mackerel when they don’t have their mouth wide open.



The second dive was at Kabira Manta Point.

What a day!

One manta hovered around the cleaning station for around 30min.

Another one came by but quickly went away.


It came very close by, and went right above us!


Check out our manta video on our Facebook page!




We will be closed for tomorrow but will be back on Saturday.




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