I love giant cuttlefish :-)

March 27, 2022


Weather: Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 22℃
Water Temperature: 23℃
Wind Direction: North northeast (6m/s)
Swell: 2.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi Island (20m)
☆ V-Gorge / Nakamoto Cave, Kuroshima Island (30m)
☆ Slender Sweeper Reef, Taketomi Island (18m)



The ground temperature was 22C – it’s pretty cold for early spring.

Today we cruised down to Taketomi and Kuroshima area for three dives.

The season of Giant cuttlefish goes on♪



A female cuttlefish came really close to our guest.

I though she was trying to kiss him (lol)


Orangutan crab needs some hair cut.


At Kuroshima Island, the ladies’ team went to Nakamoto Cave.


Exploring the cave is always exciting♪


The Ribbon eel has his mouth wide open all the time.


Brown-banded pipefish.

Are you pregnant?


A tiny juvenile Yellow boxfish was very shy.


This one was bigger but still shy.


A juvenile Emperor angelfish.


Hope it will be warmer tomorrow…




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