Good bye 2021!

December 31, 2021


Weather: Cloudy
Ground Temperature: 21℃
Water Temperature: 23℃
Wind Direction: Northeast (9m/s)
Swell: 2.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Middle Book, Taketomi Island (20m)
☆ Nakamoto Cave, Kuroshima Island (25m)
☆ V-Gorge, Kuroshima Island (25m)




It’s the last day of the year!

How was your 2021?


For the last dive cruise of 2021, we went to Taketomi and Kuroshima islands.

The first dive point of Taketomi was Middle Book, and the current was quite strong today.

While the current was strong, this tiny Frogfish was holding onto a small sea squirt!

Hang in there!


There was even a smaller one walking nearby.


There was a big Giant cuttlefish in front of the cave at Kuroshima.

Compare the size with a diver behind!


There was a pair of Giant cuttlefish over the reef.

Their season is coming!


Exploring the caves…


There were lots of Milkfish around the shallow area.

Any mantas?



There were 4-5 of them spotted from the boat.

Some of the guests jumped in the water with just fins and a mask to chase them 🙂


I believe there are many people who could not dive this year due to restrictions related to COVID-19.

Our prayers are with those who are in the middle of their battle with COVID.


Wishing you a great new year, and looking forward to welcoming you in Ishigaki!




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Enjoy “prime” quality diving!