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December 25, 2021


Weather: Cloudy sometimes rainy
Ground Temperature: 21℃
Water Temperature: 23℃
Wind Direction: North northeast (9m/s)
Swell: 5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Miyara Drop Off, Ishigaki Island (30m)
☆ Miyara Anemonefish Apartment, Ishigaki Island (25m)
☆ Sakuraguchi, Ishigaki Island (25m)




So long for sunny and warm winter.

A cold front came down from the north, and the wind picked up strongly from the north.

The wind was so strong that we couldn’t make it even to Nagura and Osaki, so we cruised down south of Ishigaki.


So it is Christmas, and here is a Christmas sea life for you – Christmas tree worm.

Merry Christmas!


There are lots of Anemonefish at the Anemonefish Apartment.


Visibility was very high but the current was a bit strong, so we all hung onto the rope during our safety stop.


One of the key skills required for Rudolph the rain deer is navigation.

Ready to help Santa?


Mission accomplished for OWD and AOWD program!

Congratulations, and enjoy safe and fun dives!


Thank you all for joining our dive cruise!

We will be closed tomorrow, and will be back on Tuesday!




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345-9, Maezato, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0002 Japan

Enjoy “prime” quality diving!