Diving west side of Ishigaki Island

November 15, 2021


Ground Temperature:26℃
Water Temperature:25℃
Wind Direction:Northeast (7m/s)
Swell: 2.0m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Nagura Bay Coral Garden, Ishigaki Island (25m)
☆ Osaki Purple Queen Reef, Ishigaki Island (20m)
☆ Osaki Lionfish Palace, Ishigaki Island (20m)



Still a bit windy, but the weather was great!

Today we cruised to the west coast of Ishigaki Island for three dives.



Nagura Bay is the big bay area located on the west side of Ishigaki, facing Iriomote Island. It is a big deep bay, and protected from most wind direction except for the west.

Water of the area is usually murky, but has tons of beautiful sea life.


Visibility today was unusually clear!

But the water temperature was 25C, a bit colder than other areas.


Harlequin Filefish!

This is my favorite sea life for a photo, but it is hard to take a nice clean shot as it moves around so quickly 🙂


Crescent Tail Bigeye.

Strange looking eye, probably because of my flashlight.


Cleaner Shrimp – easy to take a clean shot if you approach slowly.


This one looks like a toy of my nephew (lol)


Looks like the weather will be nice again tomorrow 🙂




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