Breathtaking view

September 18, 2021


Ground Temperature:32℃
Water Temperature:29℃
Wind Direction:Southeast (3m/s)
Swell: 1.0m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi Island (28m)
☆ Nobaru Drop Off, Iriomote Island (30m) / Yonara Channel, Kohama & Iriomote Island (30m)
☆ Coral Plantation, Kohama Island (30m) / Nobarusone, Iriomote Island (30m)




And the water is crystal clear everywhere!

What a breathtaking view!


We had two groups today – fun diving group and OWD course group – and they dived at different dive points 🙂



There was plenty of sunlight in the water!


Look at this clear blue water!


Fun diving team went to Yonara Channel for their second dive.

We were not planning for it, but we stopped and jumped in as the water was sooo clear!

It was bright even at 28m deep, and the manta was enjoying the sunlight 🙂


Safety stop at clear blue water♪


… and clear blue sky!


The fun diving team went to Nobarusone for the afternoon dive.


Tons of Cardinalfish was covering a huge sea fan, located over 30m deep.


Congratulations for the new divers!

Let’s find Mantas tomorrow!





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