Relaxing three dives♪

August 26, 2021


Ground Temperature:32℃
Water Temperature:29℃
Wind Direction:Southeast (6m/s)
Swell: 1.0m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi Island (20m)
☆ Nagura Bay Coral Garden, Ishigaki Island (20m)
☆ Osaki Purple Queen Reef, Ishigaki Island (20m)




Hate to start with the same heading everyday, but…

It was another beautiful sunny day♪


Visibility was great!

See the clarity of this photo!


We had relaxing three dives around Taketomi and Ishigaki Islands today, enjoying white sand, corals and turtles.

Zebra Goby is usually very shy, but got a clean shot today♪


This week we had a contact from overseas research institute regarding coral bleaching.

We probably could have helped them 5 years ago 🙂


Ryu, our new JOWD, joined fun diving program with his dad today.

Hope you had a great father and son bonding time♪





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