Taco rice!

July 30, 2021


Weather:Sunny sometimes rainy
Ground Temperature:33℃
Water Temperature:29℃
Wind Direction:Southwest (4m/s)
Swell: 2.0m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Nobarusone, Iriomote (25m)
☆ Nobaru Drop Off, Iriomote (20m)



Lunch today is one of our most popular one – Taco rice♪



And we cruised west to Iriomote for two dives today♪

Visibility was fantastic!!!


Current in the morning was quite strong, and it was a good exercise.

We met this school of Bigeye trevally as well as Barracuda!


Wind is staying low, and the condition remains good!

We are planning to go to sand points tomorrow.




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