Kuroshima – two days in a row!

January 10, 2021


Weather:Sunny then cloudy
Ground Temperature:16℃
Water Temperature:21-22℃
Wind Direction:Northeast (5m/s)
Swell: 3m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Shark Hole, Taketomi (30m)
☆ Batfish Reef, Kuroshima (30m)
☆ V-Gorge, Kuroshima (30m)



Sunshine, finally!

Although it was still 16C on the ground, it felt much warmer than yesterday!


Water was very clear everywhere!


So blue!


It is easy to count the number of fish♪


As we saw many big ones yesterday, we spent a lot of time looking for lots of macro sea life.


Not macro size, but there was a baby Whitetip reef shark.


We met them again – a school of Indian mackerel.

They were feeding on plankton like crazy, and didn’t care about us.

We were totally surrounded by them!





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