Playing with small fish♡

June 30, 2020


Ground Temperature:33℃
Water Temperature:29℃
Wind Direction:South southwest (8m/s)
Swell: 2.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Mitsuishi, Kayama (22m)
☆ Yonara Channel, Kohama/Iriomote (22m)
☆ Nobaru Arch, Iriomote (20m)


Market share of GULL’s MEW fin is increasint at Prime Scuba Ishigaki 🙂

It’s a great fin, and I like it. If you are considering buying a new fin, I recommend to check it.


It is the season for juvenile fish. School of Juvenile fusiliers is breathtaking…


Corals are beautiful everywhere.

It was a nightmare couple of years ago when coral breeching affected a lot of diving points around Ishigaki, but corals around here showed amazing recovery!


Our second dive today was Yonara Channel, a drift dive point for big fish. Our target, of course, is Manta, but there was none… 🙁

These Shark suckers usually swim with Mantas, but they were trying to stick to us as they could not find Mantas (lol).


Our afternoon dive was at Iriomote – Nobaru Arch.

There are lots of beautiful juvenile fish around the coral areas here!


Beautiful spot light in the arch…

Anybody want to sing or dance?


The arch was filled with Luminous Cardinalfish.

The way it moves around together is amazing.


A view from inside the arch…


It has been a month since we resumed our operation after quarantine, and we started to see some guest flow coming back.

Life style has changed – wearing mask, washing hands frequently, etc. – but we can still enjoy diving 🙂


See you this summer in Ishigaki!




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Enjoy “prime” quality diving!