Our service after COVID-19

Now that the Japanese government has lifted the state of emergency, Prime Scuba Ishigaki will be restarting our dive cruise from June 1st.

The risk of COVID-19, however, is far from gone, and life after COVID will have to be different from the one before. In order to assure our guests with a safe dive cruise service, there are a few things we need to ask for your cooperation.

1) Avoid the risk of COVID-19, and stay healthy

In preparation for joining our dive cruise, please make sure to stay extra healthy! Make sure to stay away from COVID-19 risks. We will need to decline your boarding if you have any symptoms such as fever or cough on the day of your dive cruise.

2) Request for signing paper regarding COVID-19 prevention

In order to join our dive cruise, please note that we will ask you to sign our note of agreement regarding COVID-19 prevention. Please see the link to view the note and familiarize yourself with the key points, so that you will have no problem signing the paper when you arrive on our boat.
> Request for cooperation to stop the spread of COVID-19

3) Bring your own towel

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, rental towels will not be available on the boat. Please bring your own towel.

4) BYOWB – Bring your own water bottle!

We will continue to have a server from where you can drink cold tea, but we will no longer be providing re-usable cups. Please bring your own water bottle if you can, and you can have our cold tea from the server. We will have disposable cups, but your own bottle will help reduce waste.

5) Body temperature check

Please note that our staff will check your body temperature before you join our boat in the morning.

6) Limiting close contact with others

While our max guest capacity was 18 before, we will lower the capacity to 10 for now. Although our boat is large and has great air flow, please be mindful of the space between you and our other guests.

7) Managing your gear

Whether you have your own gear or use our rental gear, please make sure to properly manage them while on the boat. Please take extra caution when dealing with your mouthpiece, and make sure that your mouth piece does not come in contact with other peoples belongings.

8) Keep clean

We will have sprays of Hypochlorous acid water on the boat as sterilizer. Please make sure to sterilize your hands frequently.

9) Use defogger

Some people spit on their mask for defogging, but please refrain from doing so. Instead, we ask that you use a commercially manufactured defogger. We will have a bottle of kitchen detergent on the boat to be used as defogger. Kitchen detergent is also known to be effective as sanitizer for COVID-19.

10) Dive log meeting

Dive log meeting at the shop is no longer available. If you need the log data and other information, please ask your dive guide.

Sorry for inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation!