Eight Simple COVID-19 Risk Reduction Steps for Divers

Although COVID-19 is far from being “things of the past”, the worst seems to be over for many countries including Japan. Government is now getting ready to lift the state of emergency, and economic activities will restart soon.

As for Prime Scuba Ishigaki, we will be restarting our dive cruise on June 1, and now we are finalizing our new business process including steps to reduce COVID-19 risk.

Before we introduce our new business process, we would like to familiarize you with PADI’s 8 simple steps to reduce COVID-19 infection risk.


Following are the main points.
1. Don’t dive if you have or may have symptoms, or don’t feel healthy.
2. Keep social distance on the ground as well as on water surface.
3. Wash your hands regularly
4. Wear medical mask on the ground
5. While on the water surface, breathe from your regulator and wear mask
6. Be a clean diver
7. Don’t share air on the ground
8. Remember protective steps in using “shared air”


Let’s remember these steps, and enjoy safe and fun diving!