2020 Staff hiring

Prime Scuba Ishigaki is looking for staff instructor for 2020 season.




> PADI OWSI or above

Need to hold PADI instructor qualification.

> Strong client interfacing skill

Guest experience is everything at Prime Scuba Ishigaki, and all staffs are expected to have high level of client interfacing skill.

> Language

Bilingual in Japanese and English (or Chinese).

> Visa

Non-Japanese must hold valid working status visa. If you need to apply for working visa in Japan, you need four year university degree.

> Driving permit

Need valid driving permit from member states of the Geneva Convention. Holder of Japanese boat license will be a plus.

> Strong team worker

We do not operate on commission basis, and all staffs are expected to share the same goal, and help each other on daily basis to provide the best quality diving service to our guests.


Location, compensation and benefits


> Term

One year, and extended upon mutual agreement

> Location

Ishigaki island, Okinawa prefecture, Japan

> Salary

Starting salary ¥180000, and will be revised according to contributions.

> Benefits

  • Health insurance, national pension, labor insurance, employment insurance and housing subsidy.
  • Eligible for year end bonus after one year of employment.
  • PADI membership and insurance fee.
  • Necessary diving gear.

> Holiday

5 days per month, plus annual paid leave of 14 days.


We compete on the basis of service quality. Competing on the basis of prices is easy, but this will come with the cost of safety for our guests and welfare of individual working in the industry. For healthy growth of the industry, we believe that we must compete on the basis of service quality, and this can come only from our staff, who share the same goal, and strive to achieve this on daily basis.


If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please send your resume, including the following, to career@primescuba-ishigaki.com.


  • DOB, and your registered name at PADI
  • PADI professional level
  • Your number of dives, and certifications issued
  • Work history as an instructor
  • Other work history
  • Education
  • Language skill


Thank you for your interest in Prime Scuba Ishigaki, and looking forward to talking to you!