Panari Manta Point

April 7, 2019


Weather:Cloudy then sunny
Ground Temperature:28℃
Water Temperature:25℃
Wind Direction:South (4m/s)
Swell: 1m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi (15m)
☆ Panari Manta Point, Panari (20m)
☆ Nakamoto Cave, Kuroshima (20m)



It started off cloudy, but turned sunny from noon!

We cruised around Taketomi – Panari – Kuroshima islands for three dives!

North side of Kuroshima and Panari islands have lots of shallow white sand area, and the sea looks gorgeous when sunny!


Unfortunately we missed mantas at Kabira area yesterday, so we wanted to try around Panari Manta Point. This is winter dive point, so April is a bit late for the season around here… but there were 3-4 mantas going around the cleaning station throughout the dives! Check out the video clip on our FB page!


Some of the teams saw a huge spotted eagle ray around there, too.


There were some more mantas around Kuroshima area, and turtles too!


Current was a bit strong around Taketomi area today 🙂


Small creatures are not used to strong current. Some of them were flipped over by it 🙂


We have only two guests tomorrow…



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