Let’s go to Yonara!

March 18, 2019


Ground Temperature:24℃
Water Temperature:24℃
Wind Direction:Southeast(8m/s)
Swell:2.5 m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Kayama North, Kayama(20m)
☆ Yonara Channel, Kohama(20m)
☆ Noboru Drop, Iriomote(20m)






Cloudy and strong wind again…but we cruised out to Iriomote area and enjoyed sea-scape, coral and drift diving!

You can find Leopard Blenny moving inside table corals on the reef. He has funny face 😀

Panda butterflyfish was still at the same place! It is rare to see them here. So cute!

Triangular butterflyfish with nice pattern on their body is easier to find.

Let’s go to Yonara for drift dive after relaxing dive!

We could see Manta ray and school of barracuda, Lucky☆

Got nice photos?

Wind will be from North tomorrow.




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