Private cruise

March 13, 2019


Ground Temperature:25℃
Water Temperature:25℃
Wind Direction:East (6m/s)
Swell: 1.5m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Tokakin Reef, Taketomi (16m)
☆ Ryugu Reef #1, Panari (18m)
☆ Ryugu Reef #2, Panari (20m)



Started a bit hazy in the morning, but it cleared up by noon. We had only one guest today, and it was his lucky private cruise day♪ He had another private dive cruise three years ago 🙂


The first dive was at Tokakin Reef, as requested. There were some small Dogtooth tunas, and a school of Bigeye trevally.


Visibility was ok, but could be better. So we moved down to Panari island for the second and the third dives.


There is no big fish around here, but has beautiful white sand and lots of gorgeous scenery. Some of the reefs had lots of sea fans.


Check in between the reef, and you will find lots of small sea life. Here is a cute Yellow boxfish♡


Wind is forecasted to turn south tomorrow. Let’s go north!



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