Kuroshima Manta

March 8, 2019


Weather:Cloudy sometimes rainy
Ground Temperature:20℃
Water Temperature:24-25℃
Wind Direction:Northeast (5m/s)
Swell: 2m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Slender Sweeper Reef, Taketomi (20m)
☆ Turtle Point, Kuroshima (18m)
☆ Nakamoto Cave, Kuroshima (25m)



It was cloudy and chilly (20C), but warm under the water. This warm water seems to be the result of El Nino climate, and we are a bit concerned that it may get to hot for the corals around here in summer…


Around Kuroshima today, we saw two mantas and five turtles at the same time! Mantas around here feed on plankton with their big mouth wide open.



There were Garden eels around white sand area.


A juvenile Splitlevel hogfish. Spring is here, and there are lots of juveniles around♪


Island trevally, sharks and much more!


It is still early Spring, and this chilly weather may continue for a while.



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