Day 2

January 2, 2018


Weather:Cloudy and rainy
Ground Temperature:19℃
Water Temperature:24℃
Wind Direction:Northeast (8m/s)
Swell: 3m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Osaki Sand Garden, Ishigaki (20m)
☆ Osaki Purple Queen Reef, Ishigaki (15m)



It rained, and stopped, and rained, and stopped… unfortunately no sunshine 🙁  It is very unusual that the weather continues to be this bad. Hope it will recover soon!


We had two dives around Osaki today. It was a rocky cruise to Osaki, but the dive area was quiet. Visibility was good!


It was the birthday for our DSD guest today! Hope it was a memorable dive!


Memorial shot for the birthday! Yay!


Thank you for joining our dive cruise!



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