Manta smoke…

April 12, 2018


Weather:Cloudy sometimes sunny
Ground Temperature:27℃
Water Temperature:23℃
Wind Direction:South (5m/s)
Swell: 1m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Kayama North, Kayama (18m)
☆ Osaki Purple Queen Reef, Ishigaki (16m)
☆ Manta City, Ishigaki (15m)


After the thunder storm of yesterday, condition was much better today 🙂



Spring time – it gets warmer, and feels drowsy… zzzzz



It is almost the end of the season, but we still have lots of Giant cuttlefish around. There were about 6-7 of them around today. One of them came very close to the head of our instructor – maybe it thought it could hide the eggs in his hair??



Our Discover Scuba Diving guests enjoyed watching manta and turtle today 🙂


Couple of mantas showed up today at Manta City. While hovering over the reef, one of them defecated big smoke… wow.



Rare shot of manta and turtle 🙂





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