Great visibility goes nice with sunshine :-)

February 2, 2018


Weather:Cloudy and sunny
Ground Temperature:20℃
Water Temperature:22℃
Wind Direction:North (6m/s)
Swell: 3m


Diving point (visibility)


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi (25m)
☆ Submarine, Taketomi (25m)



It was still windy today, but didn’t feel too cold as we had some sunshine 🙂


We had two dive around Taketomi today, and the water was soooo beautiful!!!


We only had one Fun Diving and one DSD guests each on the boat, so there was plenty of space on the boat! Dive area was also empty, so we enjoyed the beautiful blue water just for ourselves.


It was the last day for our Fun Diving guest from Hong Kong, we went through the knowledge review on Enriched Air Diver course. Congratulations for certification as EAD!



Looking forward to diving with you again!


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