Make sure to bring your sunscreen

Ground Temperature:32℃
Water Temperature:29℃
Wind Direction:South southwest (5m/s)
Swell: 2m


☆ Nagura Bay Coral Garden, Ishigaki (12m)
☆ Nobaru Drop Off, Iriomote (20m)
☆ Kayama North, Kayama (15m)



We warned you that you need sun screen. If you dive multiple days, you will be cooked. Be prepared that immigration officers in your country will have to take a close look at your face and compare it to your passport picture 🙂


Our dives today were around Ishigaki, Iriomote and Kayama islands.


Found a couple of Ringed pipefish around the shallow reef.


I love Discover Scuba Diving guests. Great to see their wow face when they go into the water with scuba gear for the first time!


Iriomote caves… slowly enter into the dark cave, and you will see it is filled with something. Some of the caves are just stuffed with cardinalfish, and you literally have to push them away!


Collaboration of light beam, cave and millions of cardinalfish is just breathtaking…


The best shot of one of our guests. Great photo!


A White-backed anemonefish was working hard to take care of its eggs. Can you see eyes in the eggs?


I tell you again. Bring your sun screen!



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