Typhoon Nesat is approaching…

Weather:Cloudy sometimes rainy
Ground Temperature:34℃
Water Temperature:30℃
Wind Direction:Northeast (9m/s)
Swell: 2.5-5m


☆ Potato Reef, Taketomi (20m)
☆ Submarine, Taketomi (30m)


Typhoon Nesat is approaching Ishigaki, and the wind started to pick up gradually. Considering safety, we only had two dives aroud Taketomi south today.


Visibility around Taketomi south was fantastic! The current was a bit strong, and it was quite an exercise diving around there 🙂



White ray shrimp goby – we started to see this around here lately. This fish is usually found in deep area, and a bit rare to be seen around 10m deep area.


Compared with White ray shrimp goby, Yellow shrimp goby is not shy at all, and easy to approach.


Flowery Flounder.


We went to Taketomi Submarine point for the second dive.


In addition to this submarine-looking reef, there are many arches you can swim through. We had some rain but it was on and off, and we had plenty of sun light when dived there.


Lots of colorful sea life on the reef…


Discover Scuba Diving guests enjoyed swimming through the arches 🙂


Typhoon Nesat is currently forecasted to pass south of Ishigaki, and direct hit will be avoided. Nevertheless, the condition is expected to be not appropriate for diving, and our dive cruise will be closed tomorrow.


Sorry for inconvenience, and please stay safe!



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