Lots of nudis, and congrats for AOWD certification!

Weather : Cloudy
Ground Temp : 29℃
Water Temp : 29℃
Wind : East (3m/s)
Swells : 2m


Dive Points (Visibility)
☆ Nagura Bay Coral Garden, Ishigaki (12m)
☆ Osaki Lionfish Palace, Ishigaki (15m)
☆ Osaki Sand Garden, Ishigaki (12m)


Cloudy on the ground, but it was very colorful under the water! Congratulations Ryan for AOWD certification!


The first dive of the day was at Nagura bay coral garden, and we looked around for some popular macro sea life. Here is Pajama cardinalfish.


One of the team found this Mandarinefish!


The second dive was at Osaki. Our AOWD course went deep around 30m area, to learn about deep dive. Here is what happens when you crack an egg in deep water…


At Osaki Lionfish palace, there are many beautiful shrimps.


As well as nudibranch.


Started to see these juvenile Stout chromis around April, and now they are growing bigger…


It was the last day of diving vacation for the girls divers! Thank you for diving with Prime Scuba Ishigaki!


It will be crowded on the boat tomorrow, from beginners to experts! Let’s enjoy!


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