Half way through June…

Weather : Cloudy sometimes rainy
Ground Temp : 28℃
Water Temp : 29℃
Wind : Northeast (8m/s)
Swells : 2m


Dive Points (Visibility)
☆ Garden Eel Paradise, Taketomi (15m)
☆ Manta Point, Panari (25m)
☆Nakamoto Cave, Kuroshima (15m)


It rained all through the night, but cleared by the time of cruise departure today.
Our dives today were around Taketomi, Panari and Kuroshima area.


Goldstriped cardinalfish is common sea life around Taketomi area. Males keep their eggs in their mouths until they hatch, and you can often see such males with full of eggs in their mouth. If you are lucky, they will open their mouth and show them to you!


Panari manta point for the second dive, but….
At least we saw this green turtle 🙂


Compared with Kabira manta points, this area around Panari island is full of macro sea life, and will not bore you while waiting for mantas 🙂


Nakamoto cave of Kuroshima for the last dive of the day. Visibility was not necessarily perfect, but Kuroshima blue water and seascape was still beautiful…


Watch around carefully, and what you see may not be what you think – Orang Hutan Crub.


It is the end of rainy season, and it started raining again after the cruise… It was a bit cooler today, but looks like it will be another hot day tomorrow. Make sure to take enough water!


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