Iriomote and Barasu island

Weather : Sunny
Ground Temp : 32℃
Water Temp : 29℃
Wind : South (5m/s)
Swells : 1.5m


Dive Points (Visibility)
☆ Coral Village, Kohama (25m)
☆ Barasu Island East (35m)
☆Barasu Island North (30m)


Our dive boat Blue Swan was on one day maintenance, so we joined our neighbor shop Yuimare for our dive cruise. Our dive cruise today were around Kohama and Iriomote islands.


Visibility was perfect! Over 30m around some of the areas!


There were lots of Sea goldie and Redfin anthias around the coral.


Golden damselfish – we don’t see this around Ishigaki area too often.


Our guests were from Hong Kong and Thailand!


And we landed on Hatoma island for lunch time.


And there was this huge Green turtle around Barasu island! Check out the big tail!


Yellowface angelfish – no Photoshop, and its color still stands out.


Not colorful, but its face stands out – Napoleonfish.


We will be back on Blue Swan tomorrow♪


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