Congratulations to new Open Water Divers!

Weather : Cloudy
Ground Temp : 30℃
Water Temp : 27℃
Wind : South (2m/s)
Swells : 1m


Dive Points (Visibility)
☆ Submarine, Taketomi (20m)
☆ Potato rock, Taketomi (15m)
☆ Manta Point, Panari (20m)


We had three new Open Water Divers today! Congratulations!


It was cloudy during the morning, but there was no wind, and sea condition was fantastic! We even had some sunshine around lunch time!

Our dives today were around Taketomi and Panari. We had some guests with cameras, so we looked around for some interesting sea life 🙂


Blue-lined snappers – we have a lot of them now!


Luminous cardinalfish – they group into small, medium and large ones!


Our expert guests from Hong Kong were seriously searching for some macro sea life…


And our last dive was at Panari manta point.

We waited for a loooong time, so we checked out for some other sea life. If you look in between coral branches, you can always find something. Here was a beautiful Hermit crab.


And this one was a micro size Coral hermit crab!


We still have some nudibranch around – Sagaminopteron psychedelicum.



Some of the guests saw a manta passing by… (^ ^;


Right around start of summer, we have strong seasonal south wind. Is it about time?


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